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Sparletta Pinenut 2ltr
Sparletta Pinenut 2ltr

Stock Code: 11685

(Case 6 x 2litre bottle)

Sparletta Pine Nut

Why Not? ...

Bend the Rules


Carbonated Water, Sugar, Flavourant, Citric Acid, Preservative: Sodium Benzoate, Stabilisers and Colourants: Ponceau 4R, Tarazine and Sunset Yellow.

Nutritional Information
  Per 100ml Per 250ml serving
Energy 197.6kj 494.1kj
Protein 0g 0g
Carbohydrates 11.5g 28.9g
Total Fat 0g 0g
Dietary Fibre 0g 0g
Sodium 2.7mg 6.8mg


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