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JC Le Roux La Domaine (Case)
JC Le Roux La Domaine (Case)

Stock Code: 10309

(Case 12 x 750ml Bottle)

(Case 12 x 750ml Bottle)

J.C. Le Roux Le Domaine is a bright, green-yellow sparkling wine which has a bubbling muscat aroma supported by cheerful fruit flavours on the nose. The palate is alive with sweet tropical fruits in perfect harmony with natural fruit acids supported by an enjoyable aftertaste. While possessing the undeniable finesse of the Sauvignon Blanc variety, which lends freshness and flair to the blend, the gentle sweetness of White Muscadel adds a touch of softness which makes the wine so appealing. Great care has been taken not to lose the crispness of the grape acids in the wine, which contribute to its youthful liveliness. With its mouth-filling sweetness and clean finish it is truly a sparkling wine to enliven any occasion.

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